Bap-Dada's LATEST & FINAL part

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Bap-Dada's LATEST & FINAL part

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Versions of Shiv Baba
29.10.2023 - (Gangapur City, Rajasthan)

"Sweet children .. You have only one asset with you – and that is ‘time’. This is the greatest treasure. If you lose this treasure, it is as if your safe has become empty; and the one whose coffers have become empty, that one becomes a pauper, and no one ever bothers about a pauper. You may become poor in worldly wealth, but never become poor in Spiritual wealth."


OK .. Today, both the Father (ShivBaba) and Elder Brother (Brahma Baba) are sitting together and watching the Love of the children, while waiting (for this Meeting). Does everyone have Love? [Yes, Baba] Love – the word ‘Love’ itself is so lovely! And when that too is between the soul and the Supreme Soul, then it is absolute. Because Love that is true gives Happiness. ‘Happiness’ – there is that great Happiness and Peace in His Love, there is that Happiness in waiting for the Meeting, there is that passion, there is that Joy of Love. *Definition of Love – that, there can never be any feeling of sadness, no matter how much one may get angry with Him, even if there may be anger within, but one still remembers the One whom one loves - this is called ‘true Love’.*

Today, perhaps there would not be anyone sitting in this gathering who has not been hurt in worldly relationships or in worldly love. There is not even a single one, whether one may be in this Knowledge, or whether one may not be in this Knowledge. In these worldly relationships, everyone's mind has experienced sadness, with a broken heart, and experienced suffering, and yet they are searching for something better than that. ‘The previous one was not the right one – what are we looking for? Maybe we can get someone better than that one.’ Is this possible? *What do you want? What do you want in love? Loyalty, obedience, selfless love – no lies, no deceit. Every person is wandering around in this search.* ‘I wish I could find someone who is truthful. I wish I could find someone who is loyal. I wish I could find someone who would listen to everything I say. I wish I could find someone who would love me unconditionally, who would be a selfless lover.’ Every soul is wandering around in search of such a partner. She looks for these in everyone, she stays with them for a few days and then leaves - because she did not find what she was looking for.

Well .. you are looking for that in others, but once, do look at your own self - am I, myself, the kind of person I am searching for? Check your own self – and change. When you are searching for someone better, first make your own self better. *The qualities that you are looking for in others, the specialities that you are looking for in others - why do you not imbibe them within your own self first? Then, there will not be anyone better than you.* Then, there will not be anyone who is more truthful than you. Then, there will not be anyone who is as good as you. Then, there will not be anyone more beautiful than you. Then, there will not be anyone who is more elevated than you. Then, there will not be anyone greater than you. Then, there will not be anyone who is as selfless as you. So, when you become like this .. you can certainly try, do not give up - just become that yourself - imbibe something, acquire something – and that which you do not desire in others will automatically leave you. *And when you become like this, there will not be anyone who is a greater soul than you. Then you will find everyone who is as you want that one to be – selfless, loving, one who has a true heart, one who is truthful, one who is absolutely energetic and powerful.*

What is the reason for sadness (or sorrow) today? Do you know what is the reason for sadness? Everyone is sad today - what is the reason for that? Can anyone tell - what is the reason for sadness? The cause of suffering is to attempt to change others, to improve others, to transform others, to attempt to make others elevated, to teach others to speak the truth - this is the cause of suffering. *And instead of this, if you, yourself, become all that, then all the sorrows will end! There will not be any cause for sorrow, no one can make you sad. No soul in this world has the power to make you sad.* Whose child are you - of the ‘Ocean of Happiness’, of the ‘Ocean of Peace’, of the ‘Ocean of Love’! When the Father is like that, and the children keep crying, then this would be defaming the Name of the Father, would it not? Does it feel good to defame your Father's Name? So, from today onwards you have to become an embodiment of Love, you have to become an embodiment of Happiness, and you have to become an embodiment of Peace. You, yourself, have to become this.

If you become an embodiment of Peace yourself, will there be any peacelessness within you? Can that remain within you? It would not, would it? When you become an embodiment of Love, will anger remain within you? No! Why? Why? Why can it not remain? Why can it not reside within? Tell Me. [If you give love, you will receive love] .. Both cannot remain together. Only one will come at a time, both cannot come. When we commit any sin in this world, we are unable to remember God even if we want to. Why? What do you do at that time? At that time you are committing a sin. When you go to a temple and perform worship (‘Aarti’), at that time there is only the Father, you are remembering God; even if thoughts of sin come, you would hold your ears – ‘hey, what kind of thoughts are coming in the House of God!’ Both aspects cannot remain at the same place. Just as, when there is light, there is no darkness – and when there is darkness, there is no light. They are different, are they not? *Similarly, where there is sin, there is no God, there is no Father; and wherever God is present, there is no sin.* Both are different aspects. At one time the same person performs good deeds also, and at another time that same person commits sins also, but both cannot remain stable at one place. All of you children will have to decide what you have to do now.

The ‘Ocean of Love’ has come to establish a ‘World of Love’. Recognize the true meaning of Love. Recognize what the fragrance of Love says. Just as many children Love the Father - if they are told that Baba has come and they have to celebrate a Meeting, then what do they do? What do they do? Well, after getting the message, they think – ‘can God really come like this! Well, still if so many people are saying so, then what do we lose in going, let's go once and come, and see whether it is true or false.’ They do come to Meet. *The amazing thing is that no one will doubt the worldly father, no one will even test him. When the mother said, ‘this is your father’ - then the seal gets set; but even when there is faith in the Supreme Father, which is firm – then if something does not go as per their wish, then they will become doubtful.* If you do not get the correct answer to your question, you will become doubtful. Even if you see something petty that is up or down, you will still be in doubt. This difference between the worldly father and the Father from beyond - as to who is the Father of the soul - creates so much doubt in Him; but not even one percent doubt will arise about the worldly father.

It is a good thing - as is the Father, so are the children; the Father, too, is not One who makes a raw deal! The Father will also ‘knock’ everyone first, would He not - and only then will He make a firm deal. You should also do the same – that is a very good thing. *You may test Him – there is no difficulty with that! The Father knows the limit of time; but do not waste too much time in going up and down - because when today has passed, then this day will not come tomorrow.* Today's 10 hours have passed, these 10 hours will not come tomorrow. These will come after a full 5000 years, after one Cycle. Today, you wasted 10 hours, then tomorrow you will waste another 20 hours. The margin gets doubled. If you have achieved success for 10 hours, you will get 20 hours of happiness. What can you do? You can handle the asset of time that you have very well, and you can use that for performing good work. *You have only one asset with you – and that is ‘time’. This is the greatest treasure. If you lose this treasure, it is as if your safe has become empty*; and the one whose coffers become empty, that one becomes a pauper, and no one ever bothers about a pauper. You may become poor in worldly wealth, but never become poor in Spiritual wealth. That money can still be earned again, but it takes a lot of hard work to earn this wealth. Once it becomes empty, the safe will be seen to be empty - then you will think why you should earn so much now, you certainly have to die, you definitely have to go. What will be your stage? ‘As your state of mind in the end, so will be your stage’!

*You are the Father's children, if you have Love then it should be displayed – ‘yes, we do have Love, we are ‘moths’ (who surrender to the Flame), we are Angels’.* Angels never cause sorrow to anyone. We are Angels who have incarnated on this earth. We have to give Happiness to everyone. We have to come along with the ‘King of Angels’ in front of us. Become Angels so that they can recognize God, Himself, through you - you have to become such Angels. How should you be? Like Father Brahma!

Everyone says – ‘How WAS Brahma Baba?’ He was extremely detached, Loving, selfless, mature and cheerful! Not only was he like that – but Brahma Baba IS like that. Everyone has heard, ‘as it was in the beginning, so will it be at the end’, have you not? ‘As in the beginning, so at the end’ - everyone has heard that ‘as it was in the beginning, so will it be at the end’. Have you heard this? *Just as Father Brahma's enchanting activity took place in the beginning, the same will take place in the end also.* Now, he needs a body in order to perform his enchanting activity, does he not? But he cannot have a body of his own, because Shri Krishna will be born only in the Golden Age. So when will you get a chance to witness his enchanting activity? So he would require a body, would he not? *So this is that same time when his enchanting activity takes place - ‘as in the beginning, so at the end’.*

Children say – ‘Baba, what can I do - I have a great deal of Love for You, but I have to consider everything, I have to take care of the worldly affairs also, and I also have to consider the ‘alokik’ affairs (within the Brahmin Family)’. What would Baba say – you must remember your (‘alokik’) ‘childhood’. Whenever you came in the beginning and met the Father - remember that passion. At that time, when you left, were you thinking – ‘no, I will have to consider the worldly affairs also, and I will also have to consider the ‘alokik’ affairs?’ No! At that time, that pan of the scale was heavy, where the Father and you were sitting - that ‘when You will Meet me, I will renounce everything, I will become only yours’. Remember that ‘childhood’, remember that Company. Have you forgotten your ‘childhood’ days? Do you not remember? Is there renunciation like Father Brahma within you? Do you have such renunciation? Do you? That is why Father Brahma is the only one, and that is why He is called Shri Krishna, and that is why He has been called as the ‘God of the Gita’ (of the path of devotion). Why? Vishnu has not been called that; even though he, himself, becomes that (Vishnu) – but why has Shri Krishna been called that (‘God of Gita’)? *Because his first dedication to God was that when he met Him, he surrendered everything - his body, mind, wealth, family, relations, and contacts!* He was abused so much, he was abused very much, he was stigmatized so much, but he did not step back, he did not get scared - because the Father was with him, and because ‘Adi Shakti’ was with him. He had complete faith as to who was with him! He had completely firm faith. For so many years, his faith never wavered even for a moment, even for an instant – as to, ‘what should I do, I am getting abused so much, I am getting estranged so many times’. He was not afraid, he did not have any fear, he did not have any doubt. He stood firm - this is called true surrender. *Not only was Brahma Baba like that – but he IS still like that even today! He will not think even for a moment that – ‘(Shiv)Baba said this, why did he say this? No, Baba cannot do this.’ This is called following the Father's Shrimat. Who all have become like this? How many have become like this?*

Have you surrendered like (Saraswati) Mama? Do you have Remembrance like her? Check this. To Meet, and to say – ‘yes, we have Love for Baba, we have come to Meet; no, we have great Love for Baba’ – that is a good thing. ‘No, we believe in Baba very much’ – that is absolutely a good thing, but how much do you follow the Father’s Shrimat? How much do you follow? *To what extent do you follow the Father's Shrimat? Is there anyone who can say that ‘I am following Shrimat completely’. Is there anyone sitting here? Baba will say that there is not even a single one – ‘not even one’ means there is not even one who follows His Shrimat completely.* Then they will say, ‘Baba, what is your Shrimat – do tell us that!’ Baba will say that you should first correct your daily routine - first of all follow this Shrimat, and then you can take the second Shrimat. Is anyone's daily routine accurate? Leave aside ‘Amrit Vela’ (early morning hour of Nectar), leave aside Murli also, start (following accurate routine) from the time of Murli. Do you have Remembrance of the Father every now and then? And those whose daily routine is accurate, whose eating habits are good, and who have unwavering Love – Baba sacrifices Himself for them - today and now. That is why we are repeatedly told to follow Father Brahma. Having once surrendered himself, he did not even have any thought the second time – ‘what all have I surrendered to the Father!’ This... this was the speciality of Father Brahma. This has been his specialty - he made all the Mothers sit in front, and he, himself, went and sat at the back. Now see how much Love you have!

Now, the Father comes once in 15 days, does He not? You wait eagerly for this day, and you do Service with great effort. You serve diligently with passion, and when the time of the Meeting comes, then some of you start dozing and even fall asleep. Even now, in this gathering, the Father is watching those children who are sleeping, and who are therefore losing. ‘The one who sleeps, loses!’ You are certainly sitting in front of the Father, but all those who are sleeping will come in that line, for whom it would be said – ‘were you sleeping when God was distributing fortune?’ Remember this day, today. Those who are sleeping are losing, they will not get anything in their hands. ‘The one who sleeps, loses’. There are holes of slumber in your apron, whatever is going in is going out from the bottom. That's why the Father says – you have waited so long, and you have made so many arrangements as well! And then to fall asleep after doing everything - what kind of waiting and arrangement is this? What type of waiting and arrangement is that?

Some of you think – ‘it's been half an hour now already, I do not know when Father Brahma will come? When will ShivBaba go? .. tell me, now it is about time is it not - this should be completed now, we have been sitting here since 2 hours, Baba has been speaking for half an hour already!’ Carry out checking, children - this is wasteful thinking, this will not accumulate your fortune. This will destroy your fortune. *Today, in the gathering in which you are sitting, you are not sitting in the gathering of any Guru, Saint, Mahatma, or Mahamandaleshwar. You are sitting in a gathering, the name of which is ‘Meeting of souls and Supreme Soul (God)’!* This gathering is not held everywhere, nor is this gathering held everyday. This gathering for this Meeting is held once in this Confluence Age. Today, if you miss the delight of this Meeting, then this day will never come again. This time will also not return, this fortune itself will be destroyed. This is a gathering for such a Meeting, this is a great gathering for such a Meeting, in this your eyes and ears should all be open. With your eyes and ears open, your treasure will be imbibed within you, the soul, it will be stored within you, and no one will be able to snatch that away from you. Therefore, today's time is very valuable for you.

It is My duty to distribute whatever treasure I have with Me and leave. What does your duty tell you – to check how much you have taken! Tomorrow, you should not complain to the Father – ‘why did you give less to that one and more to me, or why did you give less to me and more to that one?’ Because the bigger your apron is, the more treasures would be filled within your apron. Otherwise? Otherwise, you have heard the proverb, have you not – ‘we came empty handed, and we will only leave empty handed’! ‘You came empty handed, and you will leave empty handed’! *But listen to this Story of the Confluence Age, itself – ‘you may have come empty handed, but you will not go away empty handed’. Your hands will be full with Godly treasures, you will be wealthy, you will have abundance, and then you will return after having become a Sovereign – ‘I have returned like a Sovereign!’ And you will return after being anointed with a ‘tilak’ - this is the new Story of the Confluence Age.* Even though you came empty handed - but you will not return empty handed! This is the time, when you will never return empty handed, whether it is this much or whether it is that much, you will definitely take and then return. Now, it is up to you as to how much you wish to take. OK?

Say once with the wholeness of your heart that – ‘Baba, I am yours, I was yours, I will remain yours, and I will always be yours’ – everyone should say this once through your mouth. (Everyone repeated slowly) Your sound did not reach. (Everyone repeated loudly) Wow! *The Father will also always be there for you! This is the Father's promise - even if you forget Me, but I will never forget you - this is My promise to you!*

OK .. to such very lovely, and sweet children .. all of you are sweet, are you not? You are called ‘sweet’ everyday because – it is not that you are already sweet, but you should become sweet now. By saying ‘sweet’ everyday you do become sweet, do you not? So today, the Father is asking you - by continuing to say ‘sweet children, sweet children’ since so many years, the Father's Mouth has become very sweet, but have the mouths of the children become sweet, as yet? Now, Baba is asking you - when will you become completely sweet? Time has elapsed, time has passed away by continuing to say ‘sweet children’, and the Father has grown old. Does the Father ever grow old? No! Well, you just imagine that He is now 80-85 years old, by continuing to say ‘sweet children, sweet children’ - you just think like that. Now, the Father is asking you - when will you become sweet? [From now onwards] Is this your firm promise? [Firm promise, Baba].. This promise has been broken many times. *You may not make a promise, but become sweet and show, then that promise will remain firm.* [Sure, Baba - firm promise] .. Firm? [firm] .. Will you definitely become sweet? What should I say the next time we Meet – shall I say ‘sweet’? Next time I will say ‘sweet children’ again. [We will become, Baba] .. Fine!

[Baba, Maya comes] .. But you, yourself, call Maya - she does not come on her own. Maya is My most obedient ‘daughter’. She does not enter anywhere without being invited. She is not an uninvited guest. You opened your heart to her completely, you opened the door, you opened your mind - and you told the Father to ‘get out’! And Maya - ‘come, come, come’. Now, when the Father is told to ‘get out’ then who will come in that empty space? Maya will certainly come, will she not! So, do not chase the Father away - then the Father also has to bow down His head and go away. He will have to obey your orders, will He not - because all of you are My children. You will say ‘go away’, then you will say ‘come back’. How many times do you drive Him away, and how many times do you call Him back again! Baba goes away so many times, and yet He is so egoless, He still comes back each time. Have you seen such a Father anywhere? You drive Him away at any time - and some of you, create a mess yourselves, and then keep abusing the Father. ‘Ever since I have become yours ..’ - they speak in this manner. ‘If you do not do this work for me, then our relationship is over!’ Then the next day they establish the relationship again. They break everyday, and re-establish everyday, they get angry everyday and then become persuasive everyday.

They quarrel on their own, and they start laughing on their own - and the Father watches these games as a complete witness. The Father knows that right now their mood is bad, and that their mood will improve after some time. The Father keeps watching these games and plays of the children. And the Father is also so egoless, that He just listens with His Ears open, so that you would not say – ‘You do not listen to me at all’. He also gives you a great deal of Love, so that you do not say – ‘You do not Love me at all and .. and you Love someone else’. *Baba maintains a 24-hour relationship with every child.* 24 hours of your world! Just think - the Father does not fluctuate even for a minute, it is you who drives Him away, and it is you who calls Him back again. When you drive Him away, then the Father goes away; when you call Him, then too He comes back again. Have you seen such a Father anywhere? Have you seen such a Loyal One anywhere – One who maintains a 24-hour relationship with His children?

OK .. To such very loving, passionate children, to such zestful children, to such children who are ‘moths’ (who surrender to the Flame), to such angelic children, and to the sweet, beloved children, BapDada's Remembrance, Love and ‘namaste’ - from His Heart.
This much is sufficient for today!

The Father will only say this - become an embodiment of Love! If you wish to go to the ‘World of Love’, then this is the Father's Hand of Love. Whatever you may have done till date, the Father has only Loved you. Whatever you may have done, the Father has just Loved you. *Baba is extending this Hand to you – hold this Hand, and come flying to the Father!* If you wish to come in the ‘World of Love’, if you wish to come in the Golden Age, then there is Love there - you should not look at anyone as your enemy – they are the ones who have to come along with you in the Golden Age – you should consider that they are your Family, your Brothers, your Sisters, your Mates, your Lakshmi, your Narayan! Do not think that they are your enemy, because there is no enemy here, there are only souls here, and the relationship of souls with one another is that of Brothers.

There is one Family here - there is no religion here, there is no caste, there is no language here, there is nothing else. There is only one religion, there is only one relationship, there is only one Family, there is only One Father, and all of you are the Father’s several children, and all of you are Brothers among yourselves. This single slogan will keep everyone united – ‘this is my Family, and I know how to live with my Family’. Even if someone in your worldly family gets cross with you, you do not break your relationship with that one, even then you do not forget that one - so why should you do that in this (Spiritual) Family? *This is also my Family, if the other person does not accept this then it is that one’s problem, but you should accept from your heart that this Family is my Family.* You have to keep this within your heart - OK?

We will Meet again ..

Now, watch the enchanting activity of your Father Brahma. OK children ..

OK, one announcement! *The Father had given one Service to you children - organize a Meeting in all the States (of India) that are still left, there should not be any complaint from any State.* Regarding this, you may sit together and have a meeting with Maiya, or even with the children who are living in Baba's house (at Shivdham, in Raipur); form a group and go to perform Service, but before going to perform this Service, take care of your body. It should not happen that after going there you are not able to serve yourself, but you need to take service from everyone else. This would become a burden, it will become a double sin - because if your body is unwell then it is better not to go there – rather than having to take service for yourself there; if you are having only a very slight difficulty then that is all right, you can manage by eating some dry fruits of Iron Age, and do Service. However, if you have a serious illness then you should not go for Service at all. Pay special attention to this aspect. Give your time, because the Confluence Age is now coming to an end.

*Not a single State should be left out by next year. All the States should be completed in the next year.* Now, do not think – ‘what benefit would there be in this?’ No! Wherever the Father's vision falls, and where the feet of you Angels touch, that land will continue to unite. You are stitching the pieces together - you have to see it in this way. Wherever you go, you are carrying a needle and thread and you are sewing together. Bharat (India) is in pieces, so what will you do? What would you do? You are sewing, you are joining Bharat together. And there should be one slogan, ‘Victory to the Mothers of Bharat’ (‘Bharat Mataon Ki Jai’)! Today, when ‘Vande Mataram’, i.e. when the praise of ‘Mother Nature’, when the virtues of the Mother, will be chanted in every State, and at the same time there will be a Meeting with the Supreme Soul (God) - where the praise of both the Mother and the Father are being sung, that land will become so great! That is why Baba is saying again and again that not even a single State should be left out.

OK .. we will Meet again ...

(Then Baba took leave, after giving ‘dhristi’ to all the children)!
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Bap-Dada's LATEST & FINAL part

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ॐ... "पिताश्री" शिवबाबा याद है?

शिवबाबा की वाणी
12.11.2023 - रायपुर, (छत्तीसगढ़)

"मीठे बच्चे .. बाप जो देते हैं ना, जैसा ज्ञान का घी देते हैं, वैसा ही अपने आत्मा रूपी दिए में डालो, बुद्धि रूपी दिए में डालो, ताकि आत्मा रूपी ज्योत है वो एक लय में जले – ‘कभी कम-कभी ज्यादा’, ‘कभी कम-कभी ज्यादा’ नहीं होना।"


अच्छा .. आज बाप-दादा अपने जगमगाती हुई ज्योतियों से मिलने आए हैं। आज बाप-दादा सभी बच्चों की लाइट को चेक कर रहे थे, रोशनी को - किसकी कितनी तेज रोशनी है? किसकी धीमी है? किसकी एकदम धीमी है? सभी को प्यार तो बहुत है, निश्चय भी है, फिर क्या बाकी था? अच्छा, प्यार और निश्चय अपनी-अपनी समझ के अनुसार है। बाप की समझ के अनुसार प्यार और निश्चय में बहुत कमी है - इसीलिए ज्योति, जो रोशनी है, वो बहुत धीमी है। अपने अनुसार, अपनी सोच के अनुसार, अपने विचारों के अनुसार जो भी संकल्प करते हैं - मानो जैसे बाप जो ज्ञान का घी देते हैं ना, उसमें पानी मिला करके बाती जलाने की कोशिश करते हैं, और वो बाती फिर शोर करती है। बाप ने कहा - *बाप जो देते हैं ना, जैसा ज्ञान का घी देते हैं, वैसा ही अपने आत्मा रूपी दिए में डालो, बुद्धि रूपी दिए में डालो, ताकि आत्मा रूपी ज्योत है वो एक लय में जले – ‘कभी कम-कभी ज्यादा’, ‘कभी कम-कभी ज्यादा’ नहीं होना।*

किन्हीं-किन्हीं बच्चों की ज्योति तो एकदम बुझ जाती है, फिर जलाने में बड़ी मेहनत लगती है। तो आज ऐसे बच्चों से बाप मिलन मनाने आए हैं। हर कोई कहेगा – ‘बाबा, मुझे आपसे बहुत प्यार है’। तो बाबा कहेगा - प्यार तो बाप को भी है, तभी तो आप बच्चों से मिलन मनाने आते हैं ना। प्यार की कमी नहीं है - पर कितना प्यार है? कभी बाप कुछ बोलके जाते हैं तो बच्चे उसका जो मतलब है ना, वो अपने तरीके से निकालते हैं – उल्टा! हाँ, कभी-कभी अच्छा विचार सागर मंथन चलता है तो सीधा भी निकाल लेते हैं, पर योग अगर अच्छा होगा तो विचार सागर मंथन भी अच्छा होगा। योग की कमी, के बिना विचार सागर मंथन करते हैं, तो उसका मतलब अलग हटके हो जाता है। *तो यह जो बात बाप-दादा हर किसी बच्चे को कह रहे हैं, चाहे यहाँ हो, चाहे बाहर हो - बिना योग के विचार सागर मंथन करना वो सही नहीं माना जाएगा।*

पूरा दिन सिर्फ हम एक-दो के साथ बातें करने में निकाल देते हैं, तो बताओ विचार सागर मंथन कैसे सही रहेगा? तो सबसे पहले ‘प्यार’, और फिर ‘निश्चय’ को पावरफुल करो। प्रेम की कमी .. फिर बुद्धि इधर-उधर भटकती ही है। तो ऐसे आज बाप-दादा हर एक आत्मा में ज्ञान का घी डालने के लिए आपके पास में दीपमाला, दीपावली मनाने के लिए पधारे हैं। आप सबको दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं। *आप सभी आत्माओं की ज्योति जगी रहे, आपकी ज्योति में इतना ज्ञान का घृत हो कि कभी आधा कल्प तो क्या, द्वापर युग तक भी वो ज्ञान का घृत खाली ना हो, आपके घी के भंडारे सदा भरपूर हो।* कौनसे भंडारे? कौनसे भंडारे? ज्ञान के घृत के भंडारे आपके सदा-सदा भरपूर हो। आज बाप सभी बच्चों को यह वरदान देते हैं। अब अपनी झोली, बुद्धि रूपी झोली फैलाओ, और बाप ने जो दिया है उसको लो। आप लेंगे तभी बाप देंगे। आपने लिया ही नहीं तो मानो आपका यहाँ रह गया। तो फिर काम में कैसे आएगा?

दाता के बच्चे कैसे होते हैं? कैसे होते हैं? [देने वाले] कैसे होते हैं? देने वाले होते हैं ना? दाता के बच्चे हो ना? कौन-कौन दाता के बच्चे हैं? एक बारी फिर से चेक कर लो। दाता के बच्चे हैं? हैं? *दाता के बच्चों के मन में मांगने का एक ख्याल भी नहीं आएगा, एक संकल्प भी नहीं आएगा।* क्या आप वो हो? बाप कहेगा - अगर मांगते हैं, चाहे कुछ भी हो - ज्ञान कहो, धन कहो, लौकिक धन कहो, कुछ भी कहो - तो कहो अभी वो दाता के बच्चे अभी पूरे बने ही नहीं है, और दानी है ही नहीं। *वाणी से मांगना तो बहुत दूर की बात है, मन में भी सूक्ष्म संकल्प उठा कि ‘मुझे लेना है, मुझे चाहिए’, तो बाप क्या कहेगा? क्या कहेगा? अभी दाता के बच्चे नहीं हैं।* मांगना, बारी-बारी .. बाप यही कहेगा, अगर इस मामले में सीखना है तो फॉलो ब्रह्मा बाप नंबरवन आत्मा से सीखो, और फॉलो जगत अंबा से सीखो। उनके पास चाहे कुछ भी नहीं, एक कणा दाना भी नहीं, पर फिर भी .. फिर भी - स्थूल में छोड़ना - सूक्ष्म में भी कभी मांगने का ख्याल नहीं आया। ब्रह्मा बाप ने कैसी-कैसी परीक्षाएं देखी, लेकिन कभी भी ऐसा विचार नहीं आया कि किसी को या गवर्नमेंट को संदेश पहुँचाकर कहे कि ‘हमारे पास अनाज खत्म हो गया है, आप हमारी थोड़ी मदद करो’। अगर करना है तो फॉलो ब्रह्मा बाप। कभी वेस्ट नहीं किया।

वेस्ट किसको कहते हैं? आपके पास सब कुछ है, फिर भी आंखों ने देखा और दिल ने कहा, ‘यह चीज उठा लो’, और वो चीज आपके पास है - इसको बाबा कहेंगे कि आप जो भी धन यूज़ कर रहे हैं वह बाप का ही है और अब आप वेस्ट कर रहे हैं। आप सभी बच्चे चेक करो, महारथी की निशानी। *‘महारथी’ - बाप की नजर में एक 15 वर्ष वाला बच्चा भी है, 20 वर्ष वाली बच्ची भी है, बाप की नजर में अगर जो बाप के यज्ञ का सफल करती है, या करता है, तो बाप उसको कहेगा ‘महारथी’।* शरीर या ज्ञान की उम्र भले कितनी भी बड़ी क्यों ना हो जावे, अगर अभी भी हम वेस्ट करते हैं, तो क्या होगा? वो कभी महारथी बन नहीं सकता, क्योंकि अपने मन पे कंट्रोल ही नहीं है। कंट्रोल नहीं होगा तो महारथी बनेगा कैसे? महारथी की निशानी है - बाप के प्रति समर्पण, जो बाप ने कहा। चलो आज बाप ने कहा - आपको वेस्ट नहीं करना है; और यह भी, आपके पास में जरूरी चीज है तो भल लेके आओ।

आज हम यह सब चीजें क्यों बता रहे हैं, जानते हो? क्योंकि जगत अंबा भी समझानी देती है तो भी बच्चे अपनी मनमत चलाते हैं, तो जगत अंबा बात को रेफर प्रजापिता ब्रह्मा को करती है, तो हम उनको डायरेक्शन देते हैं – जाओ, बच्चों का भाग्य बनाओ, अगर वर्तमान समय इनको डायरेक्शन नहीं मिला तो इनका पद बहुत नीचा हो जावेगा। तो जगत अंबा ने भी कोशिश किया, ब्रह्मा बाप ने भी कोशिश किया, अब ब्रह्मा बाप ने बात को आगे पहुँचाया कि ‘बाबा, हम तो बड़ी समझानी देते हैं पर बच्चे यूँ के यूँ ही हैं, टस से मस नहीं होते इस मामले में। तो अब हमारे बाद तो कोई है नहीं, जो हम बात को आगे पहुँचावे।’ अभी, यह बहुत छोटी चीजें हैं, पर कमाल की बात है कि यह छोटी चीजें बाप को बैठ समझानी पड़ रही हैं। इसका ज्ञान से कोई ताल्लुक नहीं है। यह सेवा है - ये हमारा भाग्य गँवा देगी। आज बाप को इन सब छोटी चीजों पर अटेंशन खींचवाना पड़ रहा है। *कमाल की बात यह है की यज्ञ का कोई कार्य आपको आता है, पर आप करेंगे नहीं, उस कार्य को करवाने के लिए बाहर से बुलाया जाता है, उसको पैसा देकर के वह कार्य कराया जाता है। कमाल है!* आपको नॉलेज है, नॉलेज होते हुए भी हम सोचते हैं – ‘नहीं, हम तो महाराजा हैं, राजा हैं, हम इतना छोटा कार्य कैसे कर सकते हैं?’ बाप तो करा लेगा, पर आपका क्या होगा? अभी बच्चे चेकिंग करें अपनी, क्योंकि बाप .. यह मत सोचना, ‘अरे, बाबा तो हमारा है ना, हमारे पास में है ना, हमारे साथ में रहता है, तो हमें थोड़ेही ही कुछ कहेगा’। ना!

धर्मराज के पास - चाहे वह घर में बैठने वाला हो, चाहे वह उसका बच्चा ही क्यों ना हो, चाहे वह कहाँ भी बैठने वाला हो - उसके पास हर एक आत्मा का चोपड़ा है। अगर ऐसी चीजें अभी बाप को समझानी पड़े तो मानो अभी प्रेम की भी कमी है, और निश्चय की भी कमी है। अगर प्रेम और निश्चय दोनों हैं, तो अपने संस्कारों के वशीभूत हैं। *तो अपने संस्कारों को परिवर्तन करें, क्योंकि अंतिम समय चल रहा है!* मानो अंतिम समय आ गया, अभी 2 घंटे के बाद आपका शरीर छूटने वाला है, और आपके मन में तीव्र इच्छा आयी, ‘मुझे यह चाहिए, मुझे वह चाहिए, मुझे ऐसा चाहिए, मुझे ..’, और ऐसे चाहिए-चाहिए में आपका देह का त्याग हो गया। आप जहाँ ‘चाहिए-चाहिए’ की मार्केट में खड़े हैं ना, जब तक आपका दूसरा शरीर नहीं तैयार हो जाता, तब तक आप उस मार्केट में ही घूमते रहेंगे, भूत बनके। बाप के पास नहीं आ सकते, फरिश्ते बनके। नहीं आ सकते!

कैसे बनोगे फरिश्ता? कैसे बनोगे? क्योंकि आप एक संस्कार को लेकर के आपने इस देह का त्याग कर दिया, तो फरिश्ता कैसे बनोगे? कैसे बनोगे? कैसे बनोगे? सोच के देखो। ‘अंत मती सो गती!’ अंतिम समय जो अवस्था होगी ऐसी ही अवस्था में शरीर छूटेगा। अभी आप बच्चे अपनी-अपनी चेकिंग करो - क्या आप बन गए हो? चाहे वह कन्याएं हो, चाहे बहनें हो, चाहे कोई भी हो। बाप के सामने आज सब आत्मा रूप में बैठे हैं, और बाप आत्मा से बात कर रहा है, शरीरों से नहीं। और आत्मा भी .. बाबा यह नहीं सोच रहे – हाँ, यह अभी बहुत थोड़े समय से ज्ञान में है, इसको समझानी देनी ज्यादा अच्छी है; यह बहुत पुराने हैं तो इनको समझानी कम। ना! *आज बाबा की नजरों में और बाप की लाइन में सब एक बराबर बैठे हैं। यहाँ कोई महारथी नहीं और कोई छोटा बच्चा नहीं, कुछ नहीं है। तो बाप की दृष्टि में हर कोई बच्चा महारथी है। छोटा या बड़ा, बाप कभी नहीं देखते।*

हाँ, शरीर की उम्र के अनुसार हमें छोटों को बड़े प्रेम से, और बड़ों को रिस्पेक्ट देना, यह आत्मा का निजी गुण है, कि हमें अपने बड़ों का जो हमसे पहले इस संसार में आए हैं, जो हमसे पहले इस सृष्टि पर आयी हुई आत्मा है उसको हमें दिल से प्रणाम करना है, रिस्पेक्ट करना है – ‘हे आत्मा, आपने हमसे पहले इस दुनिया को देखा है तो आप हमसे, हमारे इस देह रूपी चोले से आपका देह रूपी चोला बड़ा है, तो हम आपकी बात का रिस्पेक्ट करते हैं’। और जो बड़े हैं, छोटे बच्चे बनके आए हैं, तो आपको क्या कहना है? ‘हे आत्मा, मैं तो आपसे पहले आया हूँ, मैंने बहुत कुछ देखा है, बहुत कुछ किया है, अभी आपकी बारी है। देखो, मैं आपको सब बताऊँगा यहाँ पर क्या होता है, कैसे होता है, तो आपका इस सृष्टि पर मैं वेलकम करता हूँ। यह संसार बहुत सुंदर है क्योंकि बाबा का बनाया हुआ संसार है तो आपको भी बाबा को बड़े प्यार से याद करना है। कैसे आप एक अपने बच्चे से प्यार करते हैं!’ तो हर एक आत्मा के प्रति आपको यह रिस्पेक्ट की भावना रखनी है, कि ‘देखो, आप तो परमधाम से अभी-अभी आए हो ना, आप तो कितने अच्छे हो। अच्छा, आप अपने पिछले जन्म का हिसाब-किताब पूरा करके आए हो, तो आप कितनी महान हो’ - यह संबंध होता है प्रेम का। *‘मैं बड़ा, आप छोटे; मैं छोटी, आप बड़े’ - इस भावना से ऊपर उठकर आत्मा को देखना है।*

हम एक के ही बच्चे हैं, एक ही परिवार के हैं, एक हमारा पिता है, और एक हमारा धर्म है। यह शरीर, यह मन हमसे वह सब चीजें करा लेता है जो हम कभी करना नहीं चाहते। तो, आज बाप ने जो कहा है ना वो हर एक बच्चा ध्यान रखे। आप अगर वेस्ट करेंगे भी ना - इसका पाप कर्म कोई बाप पे नहीं चढ़ने वाला, या कोई मैय्या पर नहीं चढ़ने वाला, या कोई बाबा के ऊपर, ब्रह्मा बाप के ऊपर नहीं चढ़ने वाला, इसके भागीदार आप स्वयं होंगे। मम्मा-बाबा पर तब चढ़ता जब वो आपको समझानी ना देते। *अगर प्रेम है तो यह बहुत छोटा संस्कार है, फर्स्ट इसको परिवर्तन करोगे तो बाप की याद भी बड़ी पावरफुल तरीके से आएगी, और बाबा बैठकर आपसे बातें करेगा।* आपको कहेगा - आप ऐसे करो, ऐसे नहीं करो, आप यह करो, आप यह नहीं करो, आपको ऐसा करना चाहिए, आपको ऐसा नहीं करना चाहिए। अगर बुद्धि में बाप की याद होगी, तो बाप देगा ना? अगर आपके मन में बस वही चीजें चल रही हैं, तो बाबा को स्थान कहाँ मिला, बताओ? बाबा को स्थान दो तो बाबा आपको हर कदम में गाइड करेगा!

अच्छा बच्चों, आज किसका दिन है? (आप दीप राजा और हम दीप रानियों का) दीप राजा और दीप रानियों का दिन है! तो क्या दीप रानियाँ, दीप राजा से खुश हैं? नहीं? खुश हैं? [बहुत खुश हैं, बाबा] सभी रानियाँ खुश हैं? (भाइ के तरफ देखते हुए) रानी खुश हो? अपने आप को रानी समझती हो? हो रानी? या देह भान है ना – ‘मैं तो पुरुष हूँ’! समझते हैं, रानी? आज रानी की फीलिंग लो। फील करो, मैं रानी हूँ। नहीं हो पा रहा है ना? नहीं हो पा रहा है! नहीं हो पा रहा है! जिसका नहीं हो पा रहा है, मानो वो बहुत कड़े देह अभिमान में है। अच्छा, इधर (बहनों के तरफ देखते हुए) तो सबको हो रहा है कि मैं रानी हूँ। हो रहा है सबको? [हो रहा है] इधर (भाइयों के तरफ देखते हुए) नहीं हो रहा है। अच्छा आपका है? अगर हाथ खड़ा कराए तो मेजोरिटी खड़ा कर लेंगे। देखो, वो रानी बैठी है, एक्शन भी रानी के जैसे ही कर रही है। अच्छा, बहुत अच्छा! फील करो कि मैं दीप राजा की रानी हूँ। नहीं कर पा रहे हैं? रानी बन गए? आज बिना फील कराए तो नहीं जाएंगे। फील किया? रानी बने? ‘मैं रानी हूँ’ ऐसा बने हो? *यह जो फील है - आप देखो दीप राजा आपके सामने है - देह अभिमान छोड़ दो, पहले देह का भान छोड़ दो; पहले देह का भान त्याग दो, यह शरीर नहीं है - आप सोचो आप रानी हो, आप दीप राजा की रानी हो। यह तो शरीर का, यह तो पुरुष का चोला है, इसको त्याग के देखो। फील करो!*

‘मैं तो एक आत्मा हूँ, छोटा सा चमकता एक सितारा हूँ। मेरे सामने दीप राजा बैठा है। एक मणी हूँ मैं।’ उस चीज को फील करो। देह अभिमान को किनारे करो। *बाप ने पहले भी कहा है जो लक्ष्मी और नारायण का पुरुषार्थ करेगा वो ऊँच पद नहीं पा सकता, और जो आत्मा बनने का पुरुषार्थ करेगा ऊँच पद उन्ही बच्चों को मिलेगा।* आप समझोगे कि ‘मैं यह हूँ, और मैं नारायण ही बनूँगा’ - यह पुरुषार्थ नहीं। बच्चियाँ सोचे कि ‘मैं लक्ष्मी ही बनूँगी’ - यह पुरुषार्थ नहीं। अगर आत्मा का पाठ पक्का किया कि ‘मैं आत्मा हूँ, और जो भी मेरे पुरुषार्थ के अनुसार, मैं लक्ष्मी बनूँ या नारायण बनूँ, बाबा मुझे सब स्वीकार है। मेरे पार्ट के अनुसार आप जो भी पद देना चाहते हैं।’ तो अपने आप की चेकिंग करो क्या आत्मा का पाठ पक्का है? है? हमें तो पक्का है, क्योंकि भले मेल में आए, या फीमेल में आए, हमारे ऊपर मेल या फीमेल के संस्कार कोई प्रभाव नहीं डालते। आत्मा का पाठ पक्का! अब आप कहोगे, ‘बाबा, आप थोड़ेही जन्म लेते हो जो आपको शरीर का अभ्यास करना पड़े’। नहीं लेते, लेकिन .. भले हम शरीर नहीं लेते, लेकिन आप बच्चों से इतना प्यार करते हैं कि आपके लिए हम शरीर भी लेते हैं। भले जन्म नहीं लेते, पर शरीर तो लेते हैं। तो बाप को भी तो इस .. आपने कहा ‘आके देखो इस दुनिया में’। तो बाप ने कहा - ठीक है क्यों ना थोड़ा अनुभव कर लिया जाए इस दुनिया का! तो बाप ने दोनो तन लिए, मेल और फीमेल दोनों लिए। अनुभव किया ना!

अच्छा बच्चों, ऐसे दीप रानीयों को दीप राजा बाप-दादा का अति मीठा याद-प्यार, और महालक्ष्मी की तरफ से और बाप की तरफ से गुड मॉर्निंग!
आज महालक्ष्मी चैतन्य में आपके सामने बैठी है।

‘महालक्ष्मी’! जानते हैं कौन है महालक्ष्मी? कौन है महालक्ष्मी? [देवकी मैय्या] आज महालक्ष्मी आपके सामने बैठी है। यह निश्चय है, या कभी-कभी थोड़ा संशय आ जाता है? कई बच्चियाँ तो कहती हैं, बच्चे - अभी तो मैय्या पुरुषार्थी है ना इसीलिए वो साधारण ही रहेगी। वो साधारण है, पुरुषार्थी भी है, पर जो आत्मा है वह तो नहीं बदल सकती ना! वो तो नहीं परिवर्तन हो सकती ना? कि वो आत्मा वही है, आप भले साधारण में देखो, भले देखो - पर आत्मा तो वही है ना! पुरुषार्थी है, पर क्यों? क्यों? अच्छा इनको क्या संपूर्ण बनने में समय लगेगा? नहीं लगेगा! *आप सभी पहले अपने मन, बुद्धि में इस बात को डाल लो, अगर आत्मा कहीं ना कहीं अटकी है, तो मानो जो उसको मेन (main) कार्य करना है वहाँ तक पहुँचना है, बस वो उस कार्य के लिए अटकती है, और इधर-उधर भले कहीं भी उलझन में कहो, कैसे भी कहो, पर उसका जो कर्तव्य है और वह जो समय है, वह समय पर ही पूरा होगा।* इतना तो आपके साथ में है ना, अब आपकी दृष्टि है - आप महालक्ष्मी देखो, या साधारण पुरुषार्थी देखो, वह आपकी दृष्टि है।

यह महालक्ष्मी है, यह हमने .. बोलते हैं ना, आप जब अपनी माँ से, बाप से पैदा होते हो तो आप किसके बच्चे हो वो आपकी माँ बताती है ना? आपके पिता बोलते हैं कि आप मेरे बच्चे हो। ऐसे ही है ना? एक बच्चे को परिचय कौन देता है? बच्चे को तो नहीं पता मेरा बाप कौन सा है, बच्ची को भी नहीं पता मेरी माँ कौनसी है, पर बाप को और माँ को पता है कि यह मेरा बच्चा है। *इसीलिए, बाप को पता है कि यह महालक्ष्मी है. और इनको भी पता है यह महालक्ष्मी है, आपको भी मालूम है कि यह महालक्ष्मी है।* आज पूरे सभी भारतवर्ष में सभी किसकी पूजा करेंगे? महालक्ष्मी की पूजा कर रहे हैं, पर जड़ में करेंगे। कमाल की बात यह है इस पूरे भारत में यह छोटा सा घर, और इस छोटे से घर में यह चैतन्य में महालक्ष्मी बैठी है। कमाल की बात है! *और इन आंखों से देखने वाले आप महान सौभाग्यशाली हो, कि इन आंखों से आप महालक्ष्मी को, इस आत्मा को देख रहे हो, इस साधारण से चोले में। यह कमाल की बात है।* है ना कमाल की बात? है ना कमाल की बात?

*कभी, महालक्ष्मी के शब्द, बोल, चलन, व्यवहार - उसपे कभी मत जाओ - यह हर एक आत्मा का पार्ट परिवर्तन होता है संगमयुग में।* हर एक आत्मा संपूर्णता की तरफ यात्रा करती है इस संगमयुग में। पर बस उस आत्मा को देखो जो बाप से पहली किरण निकली हुई वो आपके ऊपर आन गिरी। आपके साथ में है, आपके पास में है, और ऐसा नहीं है, आपको लगता है - बाबा जगह-जगह मिलन कराने जाते हैं, ऐसा ही ना? हाँ? लेकिन किसके कदमों को लेकर जाते हैं? महालक्ष्मी के कदमों को लेकर जाते हैं। क्यों? ताकि कोई भी राज्य वाले बच्चे यह ना कहे कि हमारे दर पर तो महालक्ष्मी आयी ही नहीं। तो यह भ्रमण बाप - माँ-बाप दोनों कर रहे हैं, मात-पिता दोनों चल रहे हैं। इसीलिए इस पूरे भारतवर्ष में ये सब यात्रा क्यों? यह चक्र क्यों? क्योंकि कोई कहेगा नहीं ना कि ‘हमारे राज्य में नहीं आयी, हमारे स्थान में महालक्ष्मी नहीं आई’।

कमाल की बात है जब चलते-फिरते देवताएं आए, तो कोई भरोसा नहीं करता। पर जड़ मूर्तियों के ऊपर क्या-क्या नहीं करते - कितनी पूजा करते हैं। हैं ना? और अच्छा, जब वह चले जाते हैं तब उनकी पूजा करते हैं और आँख खुलती हैं! ‘अच्छा, यह महालक्ष्मी हमारे पास में ही थी, हम कैसे बुद्धू थे हमने इनको पहचाना ही नहीं!’ *तो आपके पास में महालक्ष्मी किस में आई है? चैतन्य में आई है। यह चीज हमेशा बुद्धि में रखना।*

*महालक्ष्मी माना ‘महादानी’। बाप के बाद महादानी में किसका नाम आता है? महालक्ष्मी का नाम आता है, ‘महादानी’ का नाम आता है।* तो कई बच्चे कहते हैं, ‘बाबा, यह मेरी वस्तु है, मेरी चीज है’। बाबा ने कहा - ना! यह आपकी गलतफहमी है। यह महालक्ष्मी की थी, पर उसने आपको दी है। वह अब आपकी थी, पर वह समय का बड़ा विशेष ध्यान रखती है। समय पूरा हुआ वह चीज आपेही अपने आप आती है। कैसे? आप अगर किसी के पास कुछ सामान रखते हैं, आपने कहा - मैं इसको 2 वर्ष के लिए रख रही हूँ या 10 वर्ष के लिए रख रही हूँ - ठीक है? और उसके बाद आपने तो रखा, आपने भले ही उस पे किया, पर अभी समय पूरा हो गया। किसका? अभी समय पूरा हो गया उसको वापिस लौटाने का। तो यह महालक्ष्मी है। क्योंकि वापिस नहीं लौटाएंगे, तो बाप तो बैठा है ना - क्योंकि कभी बाबा छीनते नहीं है, ड्रामा ही ऐसा बना हुआ है।

अच्छा बच्चों, फिर मिलेंगे .. फिर मिलेंगे .. मिलेंगे? मिलेंगे? [जी, बाबा] .. मिलेंगे? [जी, बाबा] आज जो कहा है उसको पूरा करेंगे? [जी, बाबा] तो अगली बार मिलेंगे। *आप बच्चे प्रेम में कहते हैं बहुत ताकत है, प्यार की ताकत को कोई हरा नहीं सकता।* ऐसा बोलते हैं ना कि प्यार की जो ताकत है उसको कोई नहीं हरा सकता - भले कितनी भी ठोकरे खानी पड़े, कुछ भी करना पड़े पर प्रेम ऐसी शक्ति है। तो क्या आपको बाप से प्यार है? तो प्यार में क्या हम अपने छोटे-मोटे संस्कारों को परिवर्तन नहीं कर सकते? हमने लक्ष्य लिया है महाराजा बनने का! पर हम एक छोटे से संस्कार के वशीभूत हैं! एक मोह के वशीभूत, या एक अपनी आदत के वशीभूत! तो जब इतने बड़े महाराजा बनने वाले हैं तो क्या एक छोटी सी चीज को परिवर्तन नहीं कर पाते? अच्छा, आप परिवर्तन करके देखो, बाप जिम्मेवारी लेते हैं कोई बच्चा भूखा नहीं मरेगा, अंतिम .. जब तक इस सृष्टि में यह अनाज है, और उसके बाद आपको दूसरा भोजन खिलाएंगा - यह बाप का वायदा है। पर आप अपना वायदा निभाओ। क्या? आप परिवर्तन करके देखो। प्रेम ऐसा कच्चा धागा थोड़ेही है।

प्यार की दुनिया आ रही है जहाँ निस्वार्थ प्रेम होगा। अगर हम किसी से बात भी करते हैं या किसी का सहयोग भी करते हैं, तो भी सोचते हैं – ‘इससे कुछ तो मिलेगा, इससे कुछ तो लेंगे ही लेंगे। हम इतना सहयोग कर रहे हैं, बिना लिए थोड़ेही छोड़ेंगे!’ ऐसा नहीं होना चाहिए। यह प्यार नहीं, यह स्वार्थ है। और सतयुग में क्या होगा? निस्वार्थ होगा। अच्छा, तो आप सतयुग में चलने वाले हो ना? चलने वाले हो ना? तो आपकी डीप चैकिंग होगी। कैसी चेकिंग? डीप चैकिंग होगी! यह दुनिया की चेकिंग तो आपकी पॉकेट चेक करते हैं कितना है, क्या है? पर वह जब सतयुग के गेट में एंट्री करने की चैकिंग होगी ना - वो आत्मा की पॉकेट चेक करेंगे, इसमें क्या है, क्या नहीं है? सब वहीं निकलवा लेते हैं। कहाँ पर? धर्मराज पुरी में खाली पॉकेट करवा लेते हैं। कोई-कोई और अंदर की पॉकेट में डाल के रखते हैं, तो शंकरपुरी में पूरा खाता चौपट! कुछ भी नहीं, एक कणा दाना भी नहीं, फिर पॉकेट वहाँ खाली हो जाती है। तो क्या फायदा सब माल भरके ले जाने के लिए, जो खाली ही करना पड़े। क्या फायदा? कुछ फायदा नहीं, क्योंकि सारी पॉकेट तो यहीं खाली हो जाएगी।

अच्छा, जब पैदा हुए तो पॉकेट लेकर आए थे? लेकर आए थे? जब दुनिया में आए तो कहीं पॉकेट थी? अच्छा, अब फिर जाओगे तब आपकी सारी पॉकेट खाली कर ली जाएगी, आपके हाथ-पैर में छोटा-मोटा जो भी सोने, चांदी का कुछ भी होगा वह भी निकाल लिया जाएगा। आपकी पॉकेट में एक-दो सिक्का होगा वह भी खाली कर लिया जाएगा। जाते समय पॉकेट होगी क्या? होगी? नहीं ना। तो? तो फिर किस लिए इतना सब ताम-झाम? क्यों?

अच्छा .. फिर मिलेंगे ..

10 मिनट ब्रह्मा बाप से मिलकर चलना।

(फिर बाबा ने सभी बच्चों को दृष्टि देकर, विदाई ली)!
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Bap-Dada's LATEST & FINAL part

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Versions of Shiv Baba
12.11.2023 - (Raipur, Chhattisgarh)

"Sweet children .. whatever the Father gives you, just as He gives you the ‘ghee’ of Knowledge, pour that into the lamp of your soul, into the lamp of your intellect, exactly as it is, so that the flame of the soul burns with one steady glow – ‘not sometimes low, sometimes high’, let it not be ‘sometimes low, sometimes high’."


OK .. Today, BapDada has come to Meet His shining lights. Today, BapDada was checking the lights, the glow of all the children – as to whose light is bright to what extent? Whose is dim? Whose is absolutely dim? Everyone has a great deal of Love, and also faith - then what was lacking? Well, Love and faith are according to one's own understanding. According to the Father’s understanding, Love and faith are lacking to a great extent - that is why the light, the glow, is very dim. Whatever determination you make according to your own self, according to your thinking, according to your own thoughts - it is as if you try to light the wick by mixing water in the ‘ghee’ of Knowledge that the Father gives you, and that wick then makes a (flickering) sound. The Father said - *whatever the Father gives you, just as He gives you the ‘ghee’ (clarified butter) of Knowledge, pour that into the ‘lamp’ of your soul, into the ‘lamp’ of your intellect, exactly as it is, so that the flame of the soul burns with one steady glow – ‘not sometimes low, sometimes high’, let it not be ‘sometimes low, sometimes high’.*

The light of some children gets extinguished completely, and then it takes a great deal of effort to rekindle it. So, today the Father has come to meet such children. Everyone will say – ‘Baba, I have great Love for you’. Then Baba will say – the Father also has Love, that is why He comes to celebrate a Meeting with you children. Love is not lacking – but how much Love do you have? Sometimes, when the Father says something and leaves, the children interpret its meaning in their own way – just the opposite! Yes, sometimes when you churn the ‘ocean of Knowledge’, you do extract the correct meaning - but only if your Yoga is good, then the churning of the ‘ocean of Knowledge’ will also be good. If you churn the ‘ocean of Knowledge’ without adequate Yoga, then its meaning becomes different (according to the degree of accurate Yoga). *So, what BapDada is saying to every child, whether you are here, or whether you are outside – churning the ‘ocean of Knowledge’ without accurate Yoga will not be considered to be right.*

We spend the whole day just talking to one another, so how will the churning of the ‘ocean of Knowledge’ be accurate? So, first let your ‘Love’, and then let your ‘faith’ be powerful. If Love is lacking .. then the mind keeps wandering here and there. So, today BapDada has come to you to fill the ‘ghee’ of Knowledge within every soul and to celebrate Diwali, the ‘Rosary of Lights’. Best wishes to all of you for Diwali. *Let the light of all you souls remain illuminated, let there be so much ‘ghee’ of Knowledge in your light that, not just for half the Cycle, but the ‘ghee’ of Knowledge should not get consumed even till the end of Copper Age, let your storehouse of ‘ghee’ always be abundant.* Which storehouse? Which storehouse? Let your storehouse of the ‘butter’ of Knowledge always be abundant. Today, the Father is giving this Blessing to all the children. Now spread your apron, the apron of your intellect, and take whatever the Father has given you. The Father will give only if you take. If you do not take it then it would be as if it remained here. Then how will it be useful to you?

What should the children of the Bestower be like? How should they be? [ones who give] How should they be? They are those who give, are they not? You are the children of the Bestower, are you not? Who all are the children of the Bestower? Please check this once again. Are you the children of the Bestower? Are you? *The children of the Bestower will not have the slightest intention of asking, not even a single thought will arise within their mind.* Are you such a one? The Father will say - if you ask, whatever that may be - whether Knowledge, whether wealth, whether worldly wealth, whatever it may be - then consider that the children of the Bestower have not yet become complete, and they are not ‘bestowers’ at all. *Asking through words is a very distant aspect, even if a subtle thought arises in the mind that ‘I have to take it, I want it’, then what will the Father say? What would He say? They are still not the children of the Bestower.* Asking, again and again .. the Father will say this, if you wish to learn regarding this aspect then follow Father Brahma, learn from the number one (human) soul, and follow and learn from the World Mother (‘Jagadamba’ – now Divine Mother Devaki). She did not have anything, not even a little bit (in her present birth), but still .. still - leave aside in the corporeal - it never occurred to her to ask even in the subtle. Father Brahma went through many trials (when he was in his corporeal body), but he never had the thought of sending a message to anyone or to the Government, and say, ‘we have run out of food grains, please help us a little’. If you wish to, then follow Father Brahma. He never wasted anything.

What is called waste? You have everything, and yet the eyes saw and the heart said, ‘take this thing’, and you already have that thing - to this Baba will say that whatever wealth you are using is the Father's only, and now you are wasting it. All of you children should check the sign of a Maharathi. *‘Maharathi’ – in the vision of the Father, there is a 15 year old child also, and there is a 20 year old kumari also, in the vision of the Father, if she or he utilises everything frugally in the Father’s Yagya, then the Father will call that one a ‘Maharathi’.* No matter how old the body, or for how long one is in Knowledge, what will happen if we are still wasting? Such a one can never become a ‘Maharathi’ because such a one has no control over one’s own mind. If you do not have control, how will you become a ‘Maharathi’? The sign of a ‘Maharathi’ is - surrender to the Father, whatever the Father has said. Today, the Father has said - you should not waste; and also, if you have that which is required with you, then you should bring that.

Do you know why I am talking about all these aspects today? Because even when Jagat Amba (World Mother) explains, the children still follow the dictates of their own mind, then Jagat Amba refers the matter to Prajapita Brahma, then I give him directions – go, make the fortune of the children, if they do not get directions at the present time, then their status will become very low. So, Jagat Amba also tried, Father Brahma also tried, now Father Brahma took the matter further and said, ‘Baba, I give great explanations to the children, but they are just the same, they are not budging on this matter. So, now there is no one after me who can take the matter forward.’ Now, these are very small matters, but it is amazing that the Father, Himself, has to sit and explain these small matters to you. These have no connection with Knowledge. This is Service - this will make you lose your fortune. Today, the Father has to draw your attention to all these small matters. *The amazing thing is that even when you know any work of the Yagya, you will not do it yourself, someone is called from outside to get that work done, and that work is done by paying money to that person. Wonderful!* You have the knowledge, despite having the knowledge you think – ‘no, we are Maharajas, we are kings, how can we do such a small task?’ The Father will get it done anyway - but what will happen to you? Now children, you should check yourself, because the Father .. do not think, ‘oh, Baba is ours anyway, He is with us anyway, He lives with us, so He will not say anything to us’. No!

Dharamraj has the account of every soul with Him - whether one is sitting at home, or whether one may even be a child, no matter where anyone may be sitting. If the Father has to explain such things now, then consider that Love is still lacking, and faith is also lacking. If there is both Love and faith, then you are under the influence of your sanskaras. *So, transform your sanskaras, because the final moments are approaching!* If the final moments have come, and you are about to leave your body after just 2 hours, and a strong desire comes in your mind, ‘I want this, I want that, I want it like this, I ..’ - and in this continuous ‘wanting’ you leave your body. Wherever you are standing in the market of ‘wanting’, until your next body is ready, you will keep roaming in that market, by becoming a ghost. You cannot come to the Father by becoming an Angel. You just cannot come!

How will you become an Angel? How will you become? Because you have left this body with one particular sanskara, then how will you become an Angel? How will you become? How will you become? Think about this. ‘As your stage at the end, so will be your destination!’ Whatever is your stage at the final moment you will leave your body in that same state. Now, you children should check your own selves - have you already become? Whether you are young girls, or whether you are Sisters, you may be anyone. Today, everyone is sitting in front of the Father in the form of souls, and the Father is speaking with souls, not with bodies. And regarding the soul also .. Baba is not thinking this – yes, this one is in the Knowledge for a very short time now, it is better to explain to a greater extent; this one is very old (in the Knowledge) so less explanation is required. No! *Today, everyone is sitting as equals in Baba's vision and in the Father's line. There is no ‘Maharathi’ here, and there is no small child here, there is no such thing. So, in the vision of the Father, every child is a ‘Maharathi’. The Father never sees whether one is young or old (in age, as well as in Knowledge).*

Yes, according to the age of the body, we should give great love to the younger ones, and respect to the elders - these are the inherent virtues of the soul, that we should respect and wholeheartedly salute our elders who came in this world before us, the souls who came to this world before us – ‘O soul, you have seen this world before me, so the costume of your body is older as compared to the costume of this body of mine, so I have respect for whatever you say’. And those who are elders, who have come again by becoming small children (in this second or third Brahmin birth) - what do you have to say? ‘O soul, I have come before you, I have seen a great deal (in my previous Brahmin birth or births), I have done a lot, but now it is your turn. Look, I will tell you everything that happens here, how it happens, so I welcome you to this land. This ‘world’ is very beautiful because it is the ‘world’ created by Baba, so you too have to Remember Baba with great Love - just as you would love your own child!' So, you have to have this feeling of respect towards every soul, that ‘look, you have just come from the Supreme Abode, you are so good. Well, if you have come back after completing the accounts of your previous birth, then how great you are’ - this is the relationship of Love. *‘I am older, you are younger; I am younger, you are older’ – you have to rise above these feelings and look at the soul.*

We are the children of only One, we belong to the same one Family, only One is our Father, and our religion is just one. This body, this mind makes us do all those things which we never want to do. So, every child should keep in mind what the Father has said today. Even if you waste - the Father will not be liable for this sinful action, or Mother (Devaki) will not be liable for that, or Baba will not be liable, Father Brahma will not be liable for that, you yourself will become its partaker. (Devaki) Mama or (Brahma) Baba would become liable if they do not explain to you. *If there is Love, then this is a very small sanskara, if you transform this first, then the Remembrance of the Father will also become very powerful, and (Shiv)Baba will sit and talk to you.* He will tell you - you do this way, do not do that way, you should do this, you should not do that, you should do this way, you should not do that way. If there is Remembrance of the Father within the intellect, then the Father will give, will He not? If only those things are going on within your mind, then where have you given a place to Baba, tell Me? Give a place to Baba, and Baba will guide you at every step!

OK children, whose day is it today? [the day of You, the ‘King of lamps’, and of us, the ‘lamp queens’] It is the day of the ‘King of lamps’ and ‘lamp queens’! So, are the ‘lamp queens’ happy with the ‘King of lamps’? No? Are you happy? [we are very happy, Baba] Are all the queens happy? (looking towards a Brother) Are you, the queen, happy? Do you consider yourself to be a queen? Are you a queen? Or are you body-conscious – ‘I am a male’! Do you consider yourself to be a queen? Feel like a queen today. Feel that you are a queen. Are you not able to do that? You are not able to! You are not able to do that! The one who is not able to do so, consider that such a one has very severe body-consciousness. Well, here (looking towards the Sisters) everyone is feeling that you are a queen! Is everyone feeling this? [we are feeling, Baba] This is not happening here (looking towards the Brothers). Well, you are having this feeling! (addressing one particular Brother). If you are asked to raise your hands, then the majority would raise their hands. Look, that queen is sitting there, she (that particular Brother) is also acting like a queen. OK, very good! Feel that you are a queen of the ‘King of lamps’. Are you not able to do this? Have you become a queen? Today, I will not leave without making you feel this. Have you felt this? Did you become a queen? ‘I am a queen’ - have you become like this? *This feeling - you just see that the ‘King of lamps’ is in front of you - leave the consciousness of the body, first leave the awareness of the body; first renounce the consciousness of the body, that this body is not there – just think that you are a queen, that you are the queen of the ‘King of lamps’. This is the costume of the body, this is male, renounce this awareness, and then see your Self. Feel this!*

‘I am a soul, I am a little shining Star. The ‘King of lamps’ is sitting in front of me. I am a Gem.’ Feel this sensation. Leave aside the consciousness of the body. *The Father has said earlier also that the one who makes efforts to become like Lakshmi and Narayan cannot achieve a high status, and only those children who make efforts to become a soul will achieve a high status.* If you consider that ‘I am this (a male), and I will become only like Narayan’ – not this type of effort. If the Sisters consider that ‘I will become only like Lakshmi’ – not this type of effort. If the lesson of the soul is made firm, that ‘I am a soul, and according to my efforts, whether I become Lakshmi or Narayan - Baba, I accept everything; You can give me whatever status You want, according to my part’. So, carry out your own checking - is the lesson of the soul firm? Is it firm?
I am sure of this, because whether I enter a male or female form, the sanskaras of male or female do not have any effect on Me. The lesson of the soul is firm! Now, you will say, ‘Baba, you do not take a birth that you have to practice about not being a body’. I do not take a body, but .. even though I do not take a body (of My own), but I have so much Love for you children that I also take the body (of another) just for you. Even though I do not take a birth, I do enter a body (of another). So, the Father also says this .. you said, ‘come and see this world’. So, the Father said - OK, why not experience this world a little! So, the Father took both bodies - both male and female. He experienced that, did He not!

OK children, extremely sweet Remembrance and Love from BapDada, the ‘King of lamps’, to such ‘lamp queens’, and ‘good morning’ from MahaLakshmi and from the Father!
Today MahaLakshmi (Mother Devaki) is sitting in front of you in living form.

‘MahaLakshmi’! Do you know who MahaLakshmi is? Who is MahaLakshmi? [Devki Maiya] Today, MahaLakshmi is sitting in front of you. Do you have this faith, or is there sometimes a little doubt? Children, many Sisters keep saying – right now the Mother is an effort-maker, that is why she appears to be ordinary. She may appear to be ordinary, she may also be an effort-maker, but the soul - the soul cannot be changed, can she? The soul cannot be someone else, can she? That soul is the same, you may look at her as ordinary, you may look at her that way - but the soul is the same, is she not? She is an effort-maker, but why? Why? Well, will it take time for her to become complete? It will not! *All of you first fit this aspect within your mind and intellect, that if the soul’s part is kept suspended somewhere, then consider that she has yet to reach up to the main task which she has yet to perform, her part is just kept suspended (temporarily) for that task, and no matter where she may appear to be puzzled here or there, no matter how you may say it, but her main duty of that particular time will be accomplished at that appointed time.* Till then she is with you in this manner - now it depends on your own vision, whether you see her as MahaLakshmi, or whether you see her as an ordinary effort-maker, that is your own vision.

This is MahaLakshmi, I have .. they say, when you are born through your mother or father, then your mother tells you as to whose child you are, does she not? Your father tells you that you are his child. It is indeed like that, is it not? Who gives the introduction to a child? The child does not know who his father is, the child also does not know who her mother is, but the father and the mother know that this is their child. *That is why the Father knows that this is MahaLakshmi; and she also knows that she is MahaLakshmi; you also know that this is MahaLakshmi.* Whom will everyone worship across the whole of India, today? They are worshiping MahaLakshmi, but they will worship her through a non-living image. The amazing aspect is that there is this small house (ShivDham at Raipur) in the whole of India, and in this small house, this living MahaLakshmi is sitting. This is an amazing aspect! *And you, who are seeing her with these physical eyes, are extremely fortunate, that with these eyes you are seeing MahaLakshmi, you are seeing this soul in this simple costume (of an ordinary body). This is an amazing aspect.* Is this not an amazing aspect? This is indeed an amazing aspect, is it not?

*Never go just by MahaLakshmi's words, her speech, her conduct, or her behaviour - the part of every soul keeps transforming in this Confluence Age.* Every soul is journeying towards perfection in this Confluence Age. But just look at that soul who was the first Ray emanating from the Father which fell upon you. She is with you, she is close to you, and it is not that, what you feel – ‘Baba goes from place to place to celebrate a Meeting, does He not?’ Yes! But whose footsteps does He take and go? He goes by taking the footsteps of MahaLakshmi. Why? So that the children of any State (in Bharat) do not say that MahaLakshmi did not come to their place at all. So, the Father goes on this tour - both Mother and Father are touring, both Mother and Father are going on this tour. That is why there is all this travelling across India! Why this touring? Because no one will say that ‘MahaLakshmi did not come to our State, MahaLakshmi did not come to our place’.

It is amazing that when living Deities come walking, no one believes in them. But what do they not do over their non-living images - they worship them so much! Do they not? And well, when they leave, then they worship them, and then their eyes open! ‘Well, this MahaLakshmi was with us, how foolish we were that we did not recognize her at all!’ *So, in what form has MahaLakshmi come to you? She has come in a living form. Always keep this aspect within your intellect.*

*MahaLakshmi means ‘great bestower’. Whose name comes as the ‘great Bestower’ after the Father? The name of MahaLakshmi comes, the name of the ‘great bestower’ comes.* So, many children say, ‘Baba, this thing belongs to me’. Baba said – no! This is your misunderstanding. This belonged to MahaLakshmi, but she has given it to you. She was yours now, but she is very particular about time. When the time is over, that thing comes back automatically by itself. How? If you keep some stuff with someone, and you say – ‘I am keeping this for 2 years, or I am keeping this for10 years’ - OK? And after that, you did keep it, you may have done that, but now the time is over. Whose? Now the time has come for that to be returned back. So, this is MahaLakshmi. Because if this is not returned, then the Father is sitting here - because Baba never snatches away, the Drama itself is made like this.

OK children, we will Meet again .. we will Meet again .. will you Meet? Will you Meet? [Yes, Baba] .. Will we Meet? [Yes, Baba] .. Will you fulfill all that has been said today? [Yes, Baba] .. Then, we will Meet again next time. *When you children say with Love, it has great power - no one can defeat the power of Love.* It is said that no one can defeat the power of Love - no matter how many obstacles one has to face, no matter what one has to do - Love has such a power. So, do you have Love for your Father? [Yes, Baba] .. So, in this Love can you not change your small sanskaras? You have aimed to become a Maharaja! But you are still under the influence of a small sanskara! Under the influence of an attachment, or under the influence of your habit! So, when you are going to become such a great Maharaja (Sovereign), then are you not able to change even a small thing? Well, now you must transform and then see - the Father takes the responsibility, that no child will die of hunger, till the end .. as long as these grains are there in this world; and after that, you will be fed with other food - this is the Father’s promise to you. But you should keep your own promise. Which one? You transform yourself and then see. Love is not such a raw thread.

The World of Love is coming, where there will be selfless Love. Even if we talk to someone or even if we help someone, we still think – ‘we will get something from this, we will definitely take something from this; we are giving so much cooperation, we will not leave without taking something!’ This should not happen. This is not Love - this is selfishness. And what will happen in the Golden Age? You will be selfless there. Well, so you are going to come in the Golden Age, are you not? You are going to come, are you not? So, your deep checking will take place. What kind of checking? There will be deep checking! In the checking of this world, they check your pockets, how much is there, what is there? But when the checking is carried out to enter the Gate of the Golden Age - the pockets of the soul will be checked, what is there within, and what is not there? Everything is taken out there itself. Where? The pockets of the soul are made empty in the region of Dharamraj. If someone else keeps something within the inner pocket (of their sanskaras), then the entire account gets settled in the region of Shankar! Nothing remains, not even an iota remains, then all the pockets become completely empty there. So, what is the use of loading and carrying all these goods, which have to be emptied in any case. What is the use? There is no use at all, because all the pockets will be emptied there.

Well, when you were born, did you bring a pocket along with you? Did you bring it? When you came into this world, was there a pocket somewhere with you? Well, when you go again, then all your pockets will be emptied, whatever small gold or silver ornaments you may have on your hands or legs will also be taken out. If you have a coin or two in your pocket, that too will be emptied. Will there be any pocket while leaving? Will there be? There will not be, will there? So? Then why all this pomp and show? Why?

OK .. we will Meet again ...

Now, meet Father Brahma for 10 minutes.

(Then Baba took leave, after giving ‘dhristi’ to all the children)!
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